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Long Arm Quilting Services


A rainbow selection of thread colors 
and over 1,500 computerized quilting patterns

Please make an appointment to schedule
your quilt(s) for long arm quilting.



How much will it cost to quilt?
  • $0.02 per square inch for an all-over design(Length x Width x 0.02=Cost)
  • Minimum quilting charge is $45
  • $8 Needle and thread charge for the first 3 bobbins
  • $1.50 for each additional bobbin
  • Backing seams $20
  • Ready bind (serge edges of quilt) $10

How do I prepare my quilt top for quilting?
  • Check your seams and cut any loose threads
  • Wide Backing fabric and batting are available for sale at Sewlovelee
  • If providing your own backing and batting, it should be 10 inches larger than the top in total length and width
  • It is NOT necessary to sandwich the top, batting and backing. We do that on the longarm.

How long will it take to quilt?
  • Expect to have your quilts back within a month from the date of delivery.
  • $25 rush fee for items completed within a two week time frame.
  • Please deliver by November 1st to ensure completion before Christmas. $25 rush fee thereafter.
  • Special orders may take longer.